Our list of growers

Byfod is proud to work with the best growers in Holland and abroad

Orchids Yellow
Bac Ogids logo

BAC Orchids

Showing the art of nature

Orchids White
Coloriginz logo


Trusted supplier of Byfod

Orchid Purple
Cymbi Centre logo

Cymbi Centre

Beautiful Cymbidium arrangements

De Zuidplas

Orchids Pink
Ichtus Flower logo

Ichtus Flowers

Leading the flowering world of cut-phalaenopsis 

Gerbra Daisy
MDK logo


Specialized in luxury decorative leaves and  tropical cut flowers

Tropical Flower
Nell Gerberas logo

Nell Gerberas

Beautiful Gerbera collection

Lillies Marion
Paauw Lilies logo

Paauw Lilies

Premium quality lilies

Orchid Orange
Parfum Flower Company

Parfum Flower Company

Supplying the most beautiful roses

Wedding Rose
Peet Zwink logo

Peet Zwink

Premium Cymbidium

Piazza Dei Fiori
Piazza Dei Fiori logo

Piazza Dei Fiori

Fresh Italian cutflowers

Gerbra Pink
Starflor logo


Marketplace for growers

Coral Arrangement
Sunshine Orchids logo

Sunshine Orchids

Growing optimal Orchids

Rose Houdini
Vip Roses logo

Vip Roses

Very impressive roses & toppings

De Zuidplas
W.F. Leenen logo

W.F. Leenen

Innovating Daffodils

De Zuidplas logo

Expert in growing Gerbera’s

dried flowers website

Best source for novelty flowers

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