Byfod.com is a dutch flower exporter based at the flower auction Aalsmeer and is specialized in shipping of flowers, by airfreight.

We ship daily a wide range of fresh flowers to wholesalers and importers across the USA, Australia, South Africa, Russia and many other parts of the world.


Byfod.com buys from all 3 major auctions in Holland and also directly from over 50 farms. We know how find the best deals for you .


Byfod.com has a "non retail" policy in the USA and Canada and believe strongly in building business relationships solely with wholesalers and importers.
We give our customers service and tailor made platforms, in order to boost mutual sales.
Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.


Byfod employs a full time quality control manager, responsable for the inspection of all flowers and also to deal with quality issues which the customer might have.Inspecting our flowers helps to limit the number of holds by the customs and provides therefore reliability for our customers.
Our goal is to ensure your flowers arrive in perfect condition.
Byfod is constantly doing research to improve shipping methods for fresh cut flowers.
Whether designing new packagings or testing new packing methods and flower treatments.