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BYFOD is a cut flower export company specializing in airfreight, based in Holland. We sell high-end quality cut flowers to importers, wholesalers, and chain stores. Our claim to fame is that we deliver all our flowers on time. The flowers we sell come from growers in the Netherlands and other countries. Most growers we work with immediately pack the flowers in the units and boxes.

The advantages of this are that:

✓ the flowers do not then need to be repeatedly removed from their packaging and then repackaged;

✓ the flowers are sent fresh daily;

✓ the costs are lower;

✓ the flowers arrive in top condition.

Unique customer packaging.

For some products, we have customized packaging. As a result, these products are less susceptible to damage and spoilage. The better overall quality you can deliver as a result also means repeat orders, as your customers will be happy to order this recognizable packaging. For packaging materials, BYFOD works closely with several suppliers which makes it possible to develop unique custom packaging specifically for you, even in small quantities.


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