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Grower in the Spotlight: Orchideeënkwekerij René van Eijk

Can you describe your company in a few sentences?

We are a company that grows standard cymbidium for cutflower. We start our season in September and finish in May. We grow about 100 varieties in this period in all kinds off colors. Our company covers an area of 25000 m².

Where is your company located and do you have different locations?

Our company is located in Nootdorp South Holland. We have another location in South Italy where we grow young cymbidium plants for other growers and ourselves

When and how was your company founded?

Our company was founded in 1980. We started to rent a little piece of my fathers company.

What makes your company unique?

We have our own breeding program that makes sure we have a lot of different varieties then other growers.

What’s your best selling product?

White cymbidium.

Favourite flower?

The most expensive one! My favorite is a brown variety called Espresso.

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