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Grower in the Spotlight: Van Aert Flowers

This month we want to introduce you to the Dutch market leader in Astilbe: Van Aert Flowers. Van Aert Flowers is one of Hollands largest outdoor growers. All together they have 40 hectares (almost 100 acres) of land in Breda, Holland. Headed by Corné van Aert, this family business grows all kinds of flowers depending on the season. Harvesting season starts in March with Dicentra and Polygonatum. This is followed by Allium, Alchemilla, Chelone and Lysimachia. From the end of April to June they also have Peonies available. These are grown in tunnels to make sure they can stretch the season to ensure availability as long as possible.

About halfway through May is when the main season starts for Van Aert: Astilbe season. The plume shaped flowers are known for their elegant, soft colors. The first cuts are from the tunnels and later in the season the cuts come from the fields outside. The top quality varieties that Van Aert grows are amongst others: Europa, Erika, Washington and Paul Gaarder. Possibly the best known variety is the Europa, appreciated for the soft pink tone and the sweet scent. With their techniques and experience, Astilbes can be available up to the end of November. After that time, the focus shifts Brassica. An addition to any fall bouquet.

Sustainability & innovation

Because Van Aert is always investing in new innovations, machinery and housing, they are capable of catering to almost all client specific wishes imaginable. All flowers are grown sustainably and responsibly. Certificates and paperwork are available to back this up. We work closely together to make sure we do everything we can to help our clients. Probably the best example of their passion and focus on innovation is the goal Van Aert strives to: year round availability of Astilbes. By investing in a state of the art, modern greenhouse they are getting one step closer to this ambition soon. Together with Corné and his family, we believe we can supply all our customers with premium quality Astilbes in great variety and year round. All this on the daily.

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