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Peony announcement

Dear valued customer,

This announcement is because we want to inform you that the traditional peony season is coming to a close. At Byfod we stop at nothing to make sure we stretch our availability as long as possible. We have partnered up with several peony growers and use high-end, innovative methods combined with trusted methods that have proven their worth over time. Special treatments, different cut stages and ULO-storage (Ultra Low Oxygen) are a few examples of this. Together with our growers, Byfod estimates that the season can be stretched up until the end of August, or even the beginning of September!

The best service we can deliver to our customers, must be based on honesty. So, what is the catch in stretching the season so long? The answer is that peonies at the end of July and from August through September are not the product that you are used to. Minor markings on the bract (outer leaves) are bound to occur. Our packing team invests a lot of time in inspecting all peonies and improving the quality wherever possible. However, unfortunately we can’t guarantee clean, spotless flowers in this time of the year. Also transport becomes more risky as the flowers can’t take us much as they can in the middle of the season. We can only advise you to not place your peony orders too much in advance and to minimize temperature fluctuations. Upon arrival it can help tremendously to cut the peonies about half an inch, put them on water for 15 – 30 minutes and repack the flowers. We advise to do this in your cooler.

Our sales team will happily assist you with any further questions you may have regarding this announcement.

We value your business and hope to stay your trusted peony supplier.

Team Byfod

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