BYFOD is proud to work with the best growers in Holland and abroad.


Brothers Dico and Gert-Jan Bac grow large-flowered cut cymbidiums together. In other words, orchids. They do this at three separate locations in Moerkapelle. The different cultivation departments in the greenhouses allow them to grow many different varieties. In total, more than 100 different varieties are grown on a total cultivation area of ​​5.6 hectares.

As Bac Orchids they find it very important to know the wishes of our customers so that they can deliver them in the right way. They, therefore, attach great importance to a good customer relationship. For example, over the years, they have specialized in all kinds of different packaging to be able to deliver as optimally as possible, especially to flight destinations. Through cooperation with various exporters, they deliver their flowers all over the world.


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Cymbi Center invents and makes concepts that are especially suitable for (mini) cymbidiums. They provide added value in the form of customization, concepts, and cooperation.

Customization is, for example, supplying color in one box or supply mixing boxes with theme-related color combinations, such as Autumn, Christmas, or spring mixes.


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Paauw Lilies, Imanse Quality Lilies, and Dutch Lilies, a collaboration between Imanse and bulb nursery Wagenaar Lelies have joined forces and have officially continued under the name Dutch Lily Masters since 9 November 2020.

Wim-Jan Paauw, André Imanse, and Klaas Wagenaar are at the helm. With the launch of this new company, the three owners expect to be able to serve customers even better with, among other things, a higher service level, a broader range that can be supplied all year round. The performance at the various cultivation locations can also improve as a result of the merger. Dutch Lily Masters has a total of 20 ha of greenhouses, spread over the locations Rijnsburg, Lisserbroek, and Almere. As a result, the various auction locations can be properly served. In the development of the new Dutch Lily Masters brand, the owners were inspired by the old Dutch masters.



Piazzi dei Fiori is located in Liguria, San Remo, and Campania, Naples. They supply flowers from the north and south of Italy. They have a wide range of high-quality flowers.


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This family started as a vegetable grower, but four generations later, tulips and peonies are their main product.


With a love for people, the environment, and the focus on this product, they ensure top-quality peonies.



MDK Flowers & Greens specializes in the professional cultivation and marketing of luxury decorative leaves, tropical cut flowers, and potted plants. MDK was founded in 1987 by Marcel Duijvesteijn. Marcel comes from a large Westland family of growers and growing plants and flowers has always been his passion.


MDK started in Delfgauw, then expanded in Bleiswijk, and has now been located at 18 Zwethlaan in Honselersdijk for years. In 2006 a foreign office was established in Ghana. Ghana was chosen because it is a politically stable country and has good logistics connections both by air and water. Also, it is wonderful to help the local population on their way through knowledge exchange in addition to the company.


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Since its foundation in 1995, Ichtus Flowers & Plants has been involved in the careful cultivation and delivery of cut and pot Anthuriums and later the cut Phalaenopsis. The latter butterfly orchid in particular ensured that Ichtus Flowers could grow into the market leader in this sector. To remain market leader, they look closely at innovations, new cultivation techniques, or packaging technologies to see whether they can apply them within their field.


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Starflor offers a wide range of top-quality cut flowers such as Altroemeria, Calla, Delphinium, Hydrangea, Bouvardia, Moluccella, Limonium, and various other products. Starflor has a partnership with various growers from the Netherlands, Kenya, Ecuador, and other parts of the world. Every affiliated grower stands for continuous high quality. Due to the close cooperation with the growers, the products can be optimally marketed.



Sunshine Orchids has traditionally been a family business. More than 50 different varieties bloom from September to June. Sunshine Orchids is committed to quality and durability. In recent years they have invested in our range, including bright and vibrant colors. To obtain an optimal mix of colors and delivering good quality. Mini cymbidiums from "Sunshine Orchids" have an average vase life of two to three weeks.



By cooperating with growers and customers worldwide, they know how to be different. More original. More striking. More efficient.

The people, their experience, and the way of working bring everyone together. This gives their platform an increasingly important role for ambitious growers and buyers who want to buy from the source. For example, the supply of exotic and summer flowers, roses and decorative greens from their growers gains added strength and customers can take delivery sooner and sooner, with a listing of sources for traceability. Sustainability and social responsibility are also becoming increasingly important in their production and logistics processes. They consciously produce in countries with a great deal of natural light to avoid using energy for artificial lights. They deliver directly from the source to the customer to avoid unnecessary transport. And they look for healthy working conditions at their growers. So Coloríginz is providing growing added value for everyone.



Den Houter Gerbera consists of an area of ​​an 18000 m2 warehouse where 21 different types of cultivars are grown. A lighting installation has been installed throughout the department store that illuminates the Gerberas all year round, depending on the weather. The electricity for the lighting installation is largely generated by itself using a combined heat and power connection, also known as CHP. When the CHP runs to feed the lighting, heat is released to make the electricity. This heat is stored in a buffer tank so that it can be used again in the greenhouse to heat the greenhouse. The CO2 that is released from the CHP is cleaned with a flue gas cleaner, so that it can be used to provide the Gerberas with CO2, thus stimulating growth. Furthermore, as much organic cultivation as possible, that is to say, against pests as many natural enemies as possible are used to suppress the pests.



It is their mission to be the best in sourcing and supplying the world’s most beautiful roses to enable floral designers to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. They connect. With flower wholesalers too. They have a dream to have the roses within the easy reach of every florist in Europe. Here they start and build partnerships. In logistics, but also availability. To have the roses not only available online in webshops but also physically present in much different cash & carry’s. In this, they seek collaboration. In the journey of scent, there’s an important role for flower wholesalers.



Vip Roses is and always has been a family company. Brothers Marc and Ed Sassen transformed what once used to be their father’s rose greenhouse into a worldwide recognized name in roses. Now, after 35 years of commitment and hard work, Vip Roses - known for two almost contradictory products - is a greenhouse-like no other. In their 3.5 hectares of the greenhouse, the Sassen brothers produce an array of breathtaking roses. Their passion for the beauty of a rose has led them to source out some of the most stunning varieties. The fun is in the hunt, a continuous search for the most unique rose variety. Vip Roses offers an equally breathtaking, but entirely different line of roses than their homegrown garden style rose. These roses are the toppings. Incidentally, Vip Roses stumbled upon the tactic of manipulating roses. This led to thorough research into the world of painting roses. Requests for glitz and glamour led to many a new variety. The possibilities are endless!



Gerberas from Kwekerij de Zuidplas are grown under the perfect conditions and harvested at the optimal time. Always with care and attention. Only the best gerberas pass their inspection. And are delivered fresh daily. Whether it concerns large or small numbers. They manage the entire process from harvesting to processing, packaging, and delivery. With success and a lot of fun, for three generations.


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